Place your order online anytime at We recommend placing your order at least 4 business days before you load your listing onto your real estate board.

If you’ve chosen a private domain name for your webpage, it’s ordered immediately after you submit your order to minimize the necessary time for URL activation.

You are able to select your preferred Date & Time for shooting but one of our customer service representatives will contact you or your client shortly after your order is placed to book a time and date for the photoshoot

While ordering please be aware of possible travel fee. Check the website to find out where is your property located regarding those boundaries.

You will receive an online invoice from VirtualMax. The invoice should be paid before final confirmation on the shooting schedule.

Before our technician arrives, prepare the home for the virtual tour scanning & photoshoot. See our “Guide to preparing your home for virtual tour scanning” for guidance.

Your virtual tour scanning will take about 1 hour/1000 Sq. ft.

You will receive an email from VirtualMax asking you to provide supplementary information like your profile photo, your personal logo, your social links, property details and etc.

The webpage link would be available 48 hours later than the shooting date.

One slideshow video would be created by our predefined template 24 hours after your listing has been added to VirtualMax. If you would like to order a custom video, please contact us.

Your listing Feature-Sheet would be generated automatically by our predefined template once your listing has been added to VirtualMax. It could be downloaded directly from your webpage or you may use the PDF link to share. If you need a custom design for your Feature-Sheet, please contact us.

We recommend loading your listing onto your board after you have received your photos.

Once the Credit Card payment is done, receipt of payment will be emailed within 2 hours. Receipt of cheque payments will be emailed once the cheque is processed. For Credit Card payments the second payment should be processed before the shooting time at the day of photography and failure to do so could result in mandatory reschedule to the next available time or rescheduling fee depending on available times.  

No refunds can be processed once the photoshoot has been completed. VirtualMax respectfully asks for 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule photo shoots. Within the 48-hour window, a cancellation fee of $75 will be assessed. If the photographer arrives at the location to find the shoot is canceled (including any reason) 50% of the quoted shoot amount will be assessed in addition to the $75 cancellation fee.  

Photo shoots will continue as scheduled as long as it is not physically raining or snowing. If rain or snow is present, VirtualMax will reschedule the entire shoot to next available appointment. (No reschedule fees will be assessed for inclement weather.)